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Audio and Video Rental Packages

We offer complete audio and video rental packages at reasonable rates.

Our Packages 

At Morgan AV in Cedar Hill, Texas, we offer complete audio and video rental packages at reasonable rates. We cater to different occasions and events anywhere within the state. Check out our packages below.

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LCD Computer Projection Audio

Package Includes:

LCD Projector (Min 3000 Lumen)

6' or 8' Draped Screen

Draped A/V Cart

Package Price: $175.00

Basic Projector Support

Package Includes:

6' or 8' Draped Tripod Screen

A/V Cart, AC, and Powerstrip

Package Price: $100.00


(2) Speakers

Audio Mixer

St. Mic

Audio Patch

Package Price: $165.00

LCD Video Display 1080

42" LCD: $250.00

52" LCD: $350.00

70" LCD: $400.00


Wireless Hand Held or Lavalier Mic: $125.00

Table Top Mic: $30.00


Up To 8'x16' (4'x4' Sections)

Skirting and Stairs Included

8" or 16" Height: $350.00

Laptop and Accessories

Laptop Computer: $110.00

Wireless PPT Mouse: $50.00

50' HDMI or VGA Cable

Laser Pointer: $30.00


Dance Floor 15x18: $400.00

6' screen $60.00

8' Screen $70.00

Podium: $50.00

Tripod Sign Easel: $15.00

Easels, Flipcharts, and Whiteboards

Flipchart Easel w/ Markers (No Paper): $30.00

Flipchart Pad: $30.00

Whiteboard w/ Markers: $30.00

3'x4' Tripod Easel $15.00

4'x6' Whiteboard w/ Markers: $50.00

Tech Support

Audio Visual Technician

In Meeting Room During Event

$60.00 Hour (Two Hour Minimum Charge)

*The prices on this page are the rental rates for each day the unit is used.

**All equipment will be set and tested no later than one-half hour before the scheduled start time.

***Audio-Visual services provided by Davis Audio Visual.

****This list represents only a portion of equipment available.

Please contact your sales person or Davis Audio Visual representative if your needs exceed what is listed.

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